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Who Are We?


Think of us as a Legal Shield for artists, producers and creatives alike.  As a member of The Program Artist Firm you now have access to our team of experienced and educated industry professionals that are here to guide you in the right direction.  whether you have a question about career choice, need assistance on getting your music uploaded or have a contract on the table that needs reviewing, The Program Artist Firm can handle it. 

What Are the Benefits of Being a Member?


How often have you had to scour the internet for advice on critical decisions in your music career?  Then comes the scary step of hoping that the information that you have find is precise and fits your situation.  Now imagine that you have a resource that you have a trusted team that you can contact to get the assistance you need.  Need representation through correspondence?  Now you can professionally send and negotiate the deals that you need to by being a member of The Program Artist Firm.  

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