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Become a Contributor

Are you a recording artist, producer or composer?  Don't just let your music sit on your hard drive, audition to become a part of our music library as a contributor for the chance to gain placements in various types of media.  Here is what you need to do:

                                                    1.  Upload a sample of your work via the link below.

                                                    2.  Once approved you will be cleared to purchase your contributor membership.  

What are the Benefits of being a Contributor?

As a contributor to our Music Library you receive the following benefits:  

  • You now become part of our network

  • Your work is marketed and pitched as part of The Program Music Library

  • You have access to special events, information, and opportunities

  • Your work(s) are now associated with a trusted brand

What are the Audition Requirements?

To preserve the integrity and quality of all material that we pitch and present we require all potential contributors to have their work(s) reviewed by our experienced panel.  If you are not selected we will provide you with a description of why so that you may have the opportunity to improve your next audition experience.  Here are the requirements:

  1. All material must be original (lyrics, music).

  2. Any sample libraries/packs used in production must be cleared with verification of their source.

  3. Tracks/songs presented must be mixed/mastered.  (We do provide mixing/mastering services for a fee)

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*Be sure to tell us the name and description of your file upload in your message.

Thanks for submitting!