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Member Services


Often times you need answers to critical questions that help to drive your career forward.  Searching for and even trusting the answers you find can prove to be an even more challenging task, however as a member you can get the trusted answers that you need from our network of experienced professionals. 


In any industry networking is everything.  As a member you now expand your network to not only other members via our dedicated forum, but you also gain access to our network and opportunities that may be exclusive to our circle.


As an artist, producer or content creator it can prove to be a daunting task when making sure that your content continues to make you money.  As a member we can register you with the proper agencies at the time you need to ensure a proper payout experience.  Need to register your new single for distribution?  We can help with that too. 


Having a second set of eyes on your correspondence is always important to maintain professionalism.  Did you receive a contract or proposal to review?  Our team can review your document and send the notes  back to you in plain english. 


Whether you need a custom producer agreement, live performance contract, or work for hire agreement The Program Artist Firm can supply you with the custom contract you need and even send your correspondence on your behalf for a more professional experience. 


With some membership packages you are able to schedule a one-on-one consult with a one of our professionals for consults and even career planning. 


We have an expansive contract and document  library  ready for your details.  Our contract/document library includes but is not limited to: 

  • Co-Songwriter Split Sheets

  • Work-for-hire Releases

  • Booking Contracts

  • Photograph Releases

  • Proposal Summaries

  • One Sheets

  • Press Releases

  • Assets Inventory

  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Technical Riders

  • Meeting Agendas

  • Tour Budgets

  • Invoices

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